800 Ghanaians Suffer possible deportation at Benin


Over 800 Ghanaians Suffer Possible Deportation In Benin

Close to over 800 Ghanaians at Akpakpadome in Benin are feared to be facing possible eviction and deportation following moves by government to develop the said area.

Reports do indicate that these Ghanaian nationals, who engage in fishing, have been in the said area over the past 90 years say they are being given up to the 28th of July to vacate the said land.

“People from Benin who leave in the area have been compensated but the government gave us nothing because we are from Ghana. It’s miserable and sad we are about to lose all our livelihoods we took years to build” one of the stranded fishermen narrated.

Checks do indicate that the Ghanaian embassy in Benin has been contacted over the issue but yet government is yet to officially comment.


Source: Yen.com.gh


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