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Zari Hassan Shocks The World After Doing This To Diamond Platnumz And His Mother When They Arrived In Uganda

Zari is just not the high-class boss lady you come across on social media. She is a traditionalist.

Coming from Uganda, where women are taught to be submissive to their men, Zari Hassan has shocked the world after she did the unbelievable. The mother of five was pictured greeting her husband and mother-in-law while kneeling down yesterday when they arrived in Uganda to condole with her family.

Ugandan women kneel down when greeting and serving elders. It is perceived as a sign of respect in the Ugandan culture and to some, greeting your grandfather or an elderly man without kneeling down could earn the woman a serious punishment.

In most cases a woman will kneel down to the elders she meets and her relatives including those of her spouse, however, this may not be the case if the person she is greeting is a complete stranger. That’s why Zari greeted her husband and mother-in-law while kneeling.

This is not meant to be disrespectful or demeaning to the woman but rather shows that she is both well cultured and well mannered.

Here are the photos


Zari Hassan


Zari Hassan


Zari Hassan

Boss Mutoto, alleged Zari Hassan’s boyfriend was also present at the vigil.

Boss Mutoto

Watch the video of Zari on her knees greeting Diamond


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