Nigeria’s Federal Road Safety Officers Caught Fighting Driver, Attempts Pulling Gear [Video]

NIGERIA – An anonymous woman in the Federal Road Safety Commission’s uniform was yesterday caught up in a one-minute video footage fighting driver and tries to control the car movement.

Although the cause of the fight between the driver and the road safety woman still remains sketchy but as reported by PUNCH, the woman-officer, who was in the was seen struggling to pull the car gear.

The driver was said to have cautioned Kaycee Henry, a known cameraman in Abuja who was sitting next to the driver in motion.

FRSC Officer caught fighting

In the middle of the fight, Kaycee Henry said: “You are a disgrace to force-hood (sic),”

“What of you, what of you,” the female officer retorted.

Kaycee was able to cover the scenerio before a male road safety officer from one of the corps’ vans ended the fight after breaking the window glass at Kaycee’s side.

Open link to watch video:

While the the Corps’ Safety Education Officer, Mr. Bisi Kazeem, was reacting to the video that has now gone viral on the social media, he noted that investigation is to establish facts on the case.

The incident was reported to have happened in Abuja as the known cameraman resides in Abuja.


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