Durban Film Festival Kicks Off With Big Lineup of African Works

The 38th Durban International Film Festival is scheduled to take place from July 13th-23rd. Screening cinema from around the world.

Guardian Life has put together special reviews of some of the movies.

Enjoy !

A Place for Myself – Musabejambo Marie Clementine

An elementary school a five-year-old albino girl, Elikia is bullied due to her skin colour. Her peers make it known that her being ‘different’ is more a problem than a special trait. While the neighborhood treats her as a stereotype,she is not discouraged as her mother stands firmly behind her . Together, they fight back and raise their voices to find a place for themselves.

Catching Feelings – Kagiso Lediga

Set in Johannesburg is a sophisticated but edgy feature film with a hint of comedy, titled Catching feelings.

Max a one-time best-selling author and English lecturer, whose average life begins to unravel when Heiner, a multiple best-selling author, returns to Johannesburg. Max both loathes and is drawn to Heiner, who proceeds to play a large part in Max’s upheaval.

Potato Potahto – Shirley Shirley

After after two years of marriage, Tony and Lulu agreed on a clever settlement that will allow them share the dream house they built together despite the finalization of their divorce.

Unfortunately the arrangement begins to fall apart almost immediately after Tony decides to seek the services of an attractive female helper. In turn Lulu retaliates and hires her own help an sexy, young attractive man.

As the drama begins to unfold, Tony and Lulu take turns to irritate each other. However neither of them are prepared for the surprises the receive.


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