South African YouTube Star Caspar Lee Receives Award From The Queen Of England

23-year-old Caspar Lee is a South African YouTube sensation, with over 7 million subscribers on YouTube, Caspar is flying the South African flag high. A few weeks ago on Instagram, he revealed his invitation to meet the Queen of England, now he has shared the exact moment he met her.

How did young Caspar do it? He posted the photo on Twitter with the caption “Yaaaaas my Queen. #queensyoungleaders”. The South African stood side by side with his fellow Young Leaders award recipients, some even more famous than him. With the presence of British athlete Mo Farah and One Direction singer Liam Payne, Mr Lee stood in great company.

Receiving the Young Leaders award from the Queen seems to be a full circle moment for Caspar. Last week he took a cheeky pop at a former teacher who didn’t have much faith in his YouTube videos.

Caspar makes weekly videos from London where he has lived for the last few years. He is still proudly South African and as Knysna boy, he donated and created a fund for his global fans to also donate towards the #KnysnaFires crisis.

The awards ceremony was also attended by Prince Harry, he thanked the recipients for their inspiration.

“The Queen’s Young Leaders award recognises what these incredible young people have achieved – not for themselves, but for others – for their peers, for their communities, for their environment, and for those less fortunate.”

The only negative of this whole event? Caspar seemed to be the only recipient not wearing a tie! Seriously though Caspar, thanks for making all of us back home, very very proud!


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