Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo Says What His Foundation Has Provided To 55,000 Children Can Buy 5 V8 Cars

It seems John Dumelo is still warding off negative commentaries on his association with the V8 scandal that begun at the beginning of the year.

The Ghanaian actor, who was mentioned as part of affiliates of the previous Mahama administration, who received a V8 4-wheel drive, has once again had to defend himself against one citizen’s attack.

On his Twitter profile on Monday, John Dumelo posted a photo of himself and a group of children, as he was demonstrating something on his laptop to them, with the tweet “The future…”

What donate to my fund can buy 5 V8 cars- John Dumelo

This photo prompted a Twitter user to throw jabs at the actor, that he (Dumelo) rather procure computers for the children the next time he thinks of buying a V8 vehicle.

What donate to my fund can buy 5 V8 cars- John Dumelo

Of course, this time the actor did not stay silent and responded swiftly that his foundation’s work has benefited over 55,000 children across Africa, at a cost of about five V8 cars.

What donate to my fund can buy 5 V8 cars- John Dumelo

The actor, like many of Ghana’s celebrities has his own foundation called the John Dumelo Foundation which is aimed at helping the less fortunate and breach the educational gap in most rural areas.


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