Kenya: The DenG Youth Empowerment Continues To Gain Momentum In Monrovia!!

It has been 4 months since DenG Youth Empowerment Initiative opened its arms to welcome the homeless. At first it started with a crowd of about 80 people most of them drug addicts but today, the story line is different as the singer who spearheads the project alongside his record label, African Entertainment Group have taken over the streets of Monrovia, serving hundreds of homeless and helpless folks.

The “Feed the Homeless and Drug Addicts” project which has become a priority for the DenG Youth Empowerment has undoubted grown in leaps and bounds with plans already set in motion to build a modern structure- like a kitchen, in order to help the homeless get free meals. The structure would also ensure that they are served with dignity and the utmost respect.

In the words of the man of the moment, DenG  “Since I started this initiative I just can’t sleep. Every time I come out here and see you eating outside in the sun & rain, it breaks my heart. I care deeply about you in this country, making sure that you get off drugs and do something positive with your life. I don’t wait; wherever God sends me I jump in there and get it done.”

Ultimately, the DenG initiative aims at creating a movement that will both inspire and empower people to change course in life and at the same time put  smiles on the faces of the homeless in Monrovia. Hoping to expand the movement to rural Liberia, right now every Sunday he buys all the food & drinks with his own money.

The chief caterer in charge of the project, Dekontee Dean also opened up on his thoughts on the project “Today we serve hundreds of homeless people. It is the smallest thing that one does that can always change a life.”

“DenG is one person whose personal story exemplifies our belief that caring, committed community support can save lives,” Keep Kool said. “At one point DenG himself was homeless in Ghana but with help from a few friends he was able to complete school and now becoming the best musician in Liberia.”

On receiving assistance from corporate bodies, government and well meaning individuals, DenG admits that he is accepting cash and food donations to help reach more people around the country. He said anyone looking to help can visit www.africanentertainment.com to do so.

He further warned that government involvement should not be limited to just “writing a cheque” that ends up in someone’s pocket but they must take an active role in supporting organizations that benefit those in need. He’s encouraging every Liberian to visit iTunes by purchasing his new songs. All royalties from the sales of his new tracks “Janjay & Worship” he says will be donated to the initiative:


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