Why More Black Men Die Of Prostate Cancer Compared To Whites

A new study has revealed that white men are less likely to succumb to prostate cancer compared to blacks. – The study suggested that, unlike whites most blacks get more concerned with the cost of treatment of the disease. – Prostate cancer is said to be one of the most curable cancers with a higher survival rate.

Despite prostate cancer being one of the most curable cancer diseases that has a relatively higher survival rate, a new research has suggested that an African man is likely to succumb to the disease in comparison to a white.

According to the study, African men are less responsive to health concerns and therefore unlikely to seek medical attention. This leads to more prostate cancer deaths among blacks compared to whites.

REVEALED! Why more black men die of prostate cancer compared to whites. Find out why (details)

A photo showing a normal reproductive system and one affected by prostate cancer

Further, the study revealed that blacks often get concerned with cancer treatment costs and side effects. Making them less persuasive in seeking medical treatment.

The research was conducted by a US-based university which also revealed that blacks get distressed with recovery and treatment time of prostate cancer in correlation with their white counterparts.


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