John Boyega


British-Nigerian Actor, John Boyega Searched At Airports ‘Every Single Time’

British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega hit the big time when he appeared in Star Wars but he has revealed he faced racial discrimination before he became a well known face.

The 25yr old revealed he was subjected to ‘random checks’ at airports when he would fly to the US prior when challenging for roles before he made it big. Speaking to the Evening Standard he said:

‘I was hustling and auditioning for things in LA. I’d get cheap flights and stay there for two weeks or whatever. And every time I was getting these random checks. Every. Single. Time.’

Boyega said he ‘could not remember’ the name of the airline he used and said the behaviour of the staff was ‘not right’.
He added:

‘They said it was a problem Stateside, they gave me a latter and it stopped. But before that it was consistent.
‘I understand that these things are for our safety but when you fly a lot and it happens three or four times there’s an element of “OK, I’m still not a terrorist.’

Boyega also said he enjoys visiting Nigeria, his parents’ home country, because he ‘loves being in a country where I’m not in the minority’.

Boyega will play the lead role in Georg Buchner’s Woyzeck at London’s Old Vic from 15 May.


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