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Photo: Kendall Jenner’s Image Lights Up Famous Empire State Building

Kendall Jenner has just made history in probably the most iconic way ever.

Yesterday night, the famous New York Empire State Building was lit up for a moment with the 21-year-old model’s image and the view was everything from breathtaking to iconic.

Kendall shared the photo on her Instagram, captioning it: ‘Empire State building ft. me’

The historic moment was made possible by popular fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, as they celebrated their 150th anniversary yesterday with the ‘greatest light fashion show ever.’

endall, who is Harper’s Bazaar’s Cover girl for May, was one of the 150 iconic images from the magazine that lit up the north side of the Empire State Building from 8pm to midnight. Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon were also among those projected on the building.

And no one could be more proud of such an accomplishment than momager, Kris Jenner. Sharing the breathtaking moment on her Instagram page, she wrote:

The Moment When I Looked Out Across The City And Saw My Daughters Image On The Empire State Building…So Breathtaking @Kendalljenner I Am So Proud Of You!

This notable accomplishment comes weeks after Kendall suffered a backlash for her Pepsi Ad which was labelled ‘racist’and ‘tone-deaf.’ Also, for the first time ever, fans praised Kris Jenner for how she has raised her kids.


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