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19-year-old Kenyan Artist, Katanu Kay Uses African fabric To Create Beautiful

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19-year-old Kenyan Artist, Uses African fabric To Create Beautiful Paintings (Photos)

As the world continues to celebrate the World Creativity and Innovation Week, we look at 19-year-old Kenyan student, Katanu Kay, who Instagram is not just a socializing tool but an avenue which has made her exquisite paintings visible.

Katanu gained recognition by posting her beautiful paintings for sale on the picture sharing site and in just less than 24 hours, she went from being an obscure painter to one of Africa’s best new artists.

In her intricately designed paintings, with a wonderfully unique touch, she incorporates traditional East African print, Kitenge or Chitenge showing off her unmistakable talent.

Her depth and perspective is such that one to looks at the painting again and again, reports Kenya’s Standard Digital.

She has been granted entry into various art exhibitions in her country’s capital, Nairobi including the Dusit D2 Art exhibitions in 2016 where her paintings were featured for 3 months. She has also exhibited her work at the Nairobi Art Buyers Weekend, where her works have drawn admiration.

Her father is also a painter and is helping her nurture her gift.

Katanu uses the name mellow_bones on Instagram, she uses the platform to market and sell her paintings.

Take a look at some of her amazing painting:


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