Khoudia Diop


Senegalese Super Mode,l Khoudia Diop Celebrates Country’s Independence in Stunning Photo Shoot

Khoudia Diop otherwise known as Melanin Goddess became an internet sensation because of the shade of her skin. Well the model has sparked fresh talk online with the release of some stunning photos to celebrate her country’s independence day which was on the 4th of April.

The photo shoot which is tagged “NYENYO” is a reflection of her culture, a cast system of the Senegalese people who are blacksmiths and metal workers hence the fusion of gold. On her new photo shoot Khoudia shared :

“My Senegalese roots mean so much to me… it’s very personal. I love my country, my culture, my heritage. It is home and also a major part of who I am. I discovered so much about myself, and my culture has had a huge impact and importance, on my journey to self-love… From loving my upbringing, to the bullying then seeing the world outside of Senegal. Are there things I would change? Sure, but there are also certain things that I cherish about being Senegalese (Wolof woman).”

See more beautiful photos:



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