Uganda’s Jose Chameleone Accuses Promoter Of Trying To Break His Family

Musician Jose Chameleone has fallen out with Promoter Sipapa over wife Daniella.

The “Wale Wale” star accuses the promoter of trying to break up his family.

According to media reports, it all started after Chameleone and Sipapa started dating the same woman. The two are said to have clashed over an unidentified campus girl, with neither willing to give up on her.

This infuriated Sipapa, and after attempts to resolve their issues amicably hit a dead end, he decided to involve the singer’s wife. Sipapa allegedly revealed Chameleone’s philandering ways to Daniella, breaking all hell loose.

In retaliation, Chameleone opened a police case against Sipapa whom he implicated in shady car deals around the city.

Chameleone and Sipapa can now no longer see eye to eye as Daniella is said to have left her marital home.

Here’s what Sipapa had to say about the fall out:


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