Survey: Kenyans want Opposition leader Raila Odinga on the ballot

Most Kenyans want Opposition leader Raila Odinga to not only remain active in politics but vie in the upcoming general election. A latest survey by Ipsos released yesterday showed almost half of Kenyans want the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader to remain active in his party and even contest the presidency if he wants and if he wins the nominations. An almost similar figure; of 47 per cent however do not want Raila on the ballot.

Some 22 per cent said ‘he should continue to work with his political party but not contest in the elections while 25 per cent said he should retire completely. In June 2016, Ipsos survey at the time showed that 34 per cent of Kenyans wanted Raila to retire from politics completely but this figure stands now at 25 with an increase of nine per cent to 49 of those who want him to contest.


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