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Nigeria: Three killed in Boko Haram attack

A Boko Haram raid on a village in Nigeria’s Borno state killed three people, a member of a local civilian security force said.

Members of the Islamist insurgent group attacked Yaza-Kumaza, in the southern part of northeastern Borno state on Sunday afternoon. Michael Emmanuel, leader of the area’s civilian security force, said many villagers fled as the attackers opened fire. By Sunday night, most had not returned. He added that many homes were looted.

“Many people have escaped into the bush, and up till now, it is only few people that have return to the attacked village after the Boko Haram gunmen had left.”

Despite the increased presence of the Nigerian military in southern Borno state, Boko Haram has concentrated its attacks in the region in recent weeks.

Police did not confirm Sunday’s attack, but Muhammad Abbas Gava of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria, the country’s umbrella organization of civilian security forces, said a similar report about the assault and deaths was received “from our colleagues in [nearby] Askira Uba.”


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