At least 55 injured, Over 100 000 Displaced In Mozambique- National Institute of Disaster Management

Cyclone Dineo has killed seven individuals, harmed 55 and displaced more than 100 000 as it affects southern Mozambique

According to the National Institute of Disaster Management, among the 55 people injured, four were in critical condition.

More than 650 000 people in the southeastern African country were also affected since the storm made landfall late on Wednesday.

Dineo’s impact has been greatest in Inhambane and Vilanculos, two areas popular with tourists on Mozambique’s southeast coast, where total rainfall reached 100 to 200mm.

 Inhambane was struck by winds of more than 100km per hour and battered by torrential rain and rough seas.

Many of the city’s roads were blocked by fallen trees or crippled by severe flooding. Several neighbourhoods were left without electricity.


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