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Morocco: Marrakech to Host 1st Annual Very Short Film Festival

The 1st annual Very Short Film Festival will take place in Marrakech February 22 to 25.

The association of ”Friends of Theater and Cinema” will organize the event, which showcases both national and international short films, in partnership with the collective council and El Menara County council.

A technical committee of cineastes selectively chose the films to be presented in this first edition More than 15 short films by young Moroccan filmmakers will be featured.

Educational institutions will also take part in this event, which will also feature educational films aiming to highlight some of the most common educational issues.

This event will pay tribute to Tunisian cinema, and a set of Tunisian films will be displayed.

Participants will compete for awards for best actor and actress, best screenplay, best diresctro and best scenario.

The jury committee, chared by Daoud Aoulad Syad, will include film critic and theater director, Ibrahim Al Hinai, scriptwriter and novelist Mohammed Chouika, critic and researcher Abdelsalam Doukhan, and Actress Bouchra Ahrich.

This edition will be marked by the presence of many Moroccan film stars, including Mustafa Dassoukine, Jamal Lababsi, and Fadila Benmoussa.

International cineastes, such as French photographer Gilbert Vasseu and international filmmaker Sebastien Kong, will also take part in this event.


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