2 Criminals Rescued From Mob Justice After ‘Impersonating’ Cops In Malawi

Police in Malawi reportedly rescued two suspected criminals from mob justice after they impersonated cops at Lirangwe in Blantyre.

According to Nyasa Times, the two suspects had been going around, demanding money from business people. But after they were suspected to be fake cops, the business people went on a rampage and apprehended them.

The mob wanted to “burn them alive” but the police moved to rescue them.

“The two have been arrested on suspicion of impersonating police officers,” Southern Region police spokesperson Ramsey Mushani was quoted as saying.

Malawians have often taken the law into their own hands and meted out mob justice after being frustrated by failure of the police to crackdown on some serious crimes.

Suspects of serious crimes such as robbery and albino killings were usually beaten to a pulp before being burnt alive or cudgeled to death.

Last year, the United Nations human rights office in the southern African country expressed concern over the increased number of mob attacks in the southern African country.

It urged government agencies to strengthen the rule of law in order to combat such violence.


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