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These Are Few Things You Need To Know About Kenyans And Their Culture


Kenya’s population is made up of over 40 different ethnic groups each with their own individual language, luckily English and Swahili is spoken by many.

Kenyan Tribes & People

Kenya is built on traditional tribal cultures and each tribe contributes to the unique lifestyle and way of life so many are intrigued by. There are 42 tribes across Kenya, each possessing their unique culture, fascinating history, lifestyle, cuisine and language.

There is a mix of tribes in Africa, indigenous and modern. The indigenous tribes in Kenya fit into three different ethnic groups, the Bantus, the Cushites and the Nilotes.

Due to modern influences and law many Kenyan’s have moved away from their traditional roots opting for a more modern urban lifestyle in cities and towns.

Kenyan Art & Crafts

Many visitors to Kenya are drawn to the fascinating arts and crafts the traditional tribes produce. The beautifully hand crafted artifacts are formed, created or carved out of local natural materials and sold to tourists to generate an income.

Popular artifacts include colourful beaded Maasai jewellery, tribal masks, hand woven baskets, paintings, prints and figurines.

Kenyan Dance & Music

Music plays a huge part in the culture and lifestyle of Kenya. Traditional music and dance plays a big part in social entertainment, religious ceremonies and celebrations. A popular style of music you will find in Kenya is Benga, a type of up beat folk music featuring drums, guitars and singing.

Kenyan Theatre

As Kenya is a country of historical traditions, there are many stories to tell. The Kenya National Theatre is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about Kenyan history through plays, dance and music.


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