Oh No! Popular Nigerian Actor Embarrassed By Woman At A Mall Or ‘Cheating On His Wife’

Nonso Diobi has been left embarrassed at an undisclosed mall by an irate woman who accused him of beating and cheating on his wife.

Nigerian actor, Nonso Diobi
Nigerian actor, Nonso Diobi was left terribly embarrassed after a woman called him names and grabbed him for ‘cheating’ on his wife. He said today has turned out to be the most embarrassing day of his life.
The actor who took to Instagram to reveal that the woman had embarrassed for ‘beating’ his wife and cheating on her. However, the annoying part is that the woman embarrassed the actor after watching a film titled ‘Stolen Wife’ in which the incident happened.
See how Diobi narrated the incident on his Instagram.
He wrote:
“Had the most embarrassing day of my life today. I came out from a mall and met this woman standing beside my car, I thought she was waiting for someone else not knowing I was the one she was waiting for.
“The next second, she grabbed me and started shouting and calling me a “wife beater” asking me why I’ve been beating my wife and yet cheating on her. I was confused and tried to calm her down, she was already creating a scene, it took me a while before I realized she was actually talking about a new MOVIE I did titled “Stolen Wife”.
“I wanted to laugh, but the seriousness of the issue just seized the laughter; people that came by were laughing after they also realized what happened so they explained to the woman that it was just a movie…. Today was just something else.”


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