Omg! Family Shocked After Waking Up Only To Find A Stray Cheetah Right Inside Their Compound In Kenya (Photos)

A family has been given a surprise when they woke up only to find a straying cheetah lurking inside their compound.

The family woke up to a rude shock in Kifaru area of Utawala in Kenya, after they found a stray cheetah relaxing outside their house.
Tuko reports that the incident occurred on Thursday, September 15.
The family quickly informed the local authorities before the animal could get away.
It took the efforts of GSU and KWS to dart and safely transfer the big cat back to the Park.
Kenyans were happy that this time the officers handled the animal carefully and didn’t kill it.
In March, there was uproar after KWS shot dead a lion on the loose in Isinya, on the outskirts of Nairobi, after it clawed a man.

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