PHOTOS: DHL Cargo Plane Flying From Paris Overshoots Runway And Crashes Into Busy Italian Road

Another aeroplane incident have reportedly occurred some hours ago as a DHL cargo airplane flying from Paris overshoots the runway at Italian airport before crashing on to busy road.

According to a report on Dailymail, a DHL cargo jet plane which had flown from Paris in France, has overshot a runway at an Italian airport before crashing on to a busy road in front of stunned motorists driving past Bergamo Airport in the country’s north.
The plane, a Boeing 737-400, which had departed from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and landed early Friday morning at the Orio al Serio Airport in northern Italy, lost control during the landing, went off the runway, plowed through a fence and crashed into the nearby road.
It was learnt that emergency crews at the airport, also known as Orio Al Serio, rushed to the scene at around 4:00am this morning.
According to CNN, the two people onboard, the captain and first officer, were unharmed, according to a statement from the Italian authorities.
“It is understood that there was heavy rain at the airport at the time of the incident,” ASL Airlines Hungary, which owns the aircraft, said in a statement.
“A rapid response team has been dispatched from the airline’s headquarters in Budapest.”
Incredibly, no one was reported to have been hurt in the crash and the three crew members were unharmed. Pictures show an inflatable chute leading from an opened cabin door.
See more photos below;

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