Love For Abandoned Baby

A baby abandoned mere hours after birth has found an abundance of love and concern from one KwaZulu-Natal man who hopes to house the infant while a permanent home for her is sought.

The female baby was abandoned in Tongaat, north of Durban, near the home of prominent community activist and Emergency Control SA chairperson, Ismail Mitha, early on Monday. Mitha said he hoped to temporarily adopt the child.

According to Mitha, his neighbour discovered the infant in a green bag wrapped in a towel.

“There’s a staircase near my home where people normally leave packets and alcohol bottles. Normally we don’t pay attention to that section. But my neighbour spotted a green bag which is not the norm.

“He opened the bag and got a shock when he found a baby. He didn’t know what to do, so he called me as well as security company Reaction Unit South Africa,” he said.

Willing to care for the little one

“I am also the chairman for Emergency Control SA so I contacted the control room and told them get the relevant people out there while I made my way there.”

Mitha said the baby was treated by paramedics and taken to the Tongaat Clinic where it was found to be dehydrated, but given a clean bill of health.

According to Mitha, the child is currently at the Osindisweni Hospital where arrangements were being made for a placement home.

“The Child Welfare is also getting involved at this point. This is where I stepped in to try to get temporary custody of the child.”

Mitha said the hospital had struggled to get hold of the mother after false personal information was allegedly given.

“The baby was born around 01:45 but the clinic does not have the correct details. However, I do have cameras at the back of my home. I am hoping to go through this information and identify the mother.”

Soft spot for children

Mitha, a father of six, said he volunteered to care for the child because he believed children were a blessing from God.

“I always have a soft spot for children. What has happened to this child is wrong. The mother could have knocked on someone’s door, perhaps given it to the Child Welfare, but she just left it on a random spot.

“There are millions of women out there dying to have kids and this woman just dumps the child. I cannot stand that. I have been active in the emergency industry for years. I have pulled out dead babies from pits. This is not right and downright stupid,” said Mitha.

“If my neighbour was not curious enough to look into the bag the baby could have died. We need to value children more and not do things like this.”


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