16 People Accused Of South Sudan July Hotel Attack

16 people in South Sudan have been blamed for participating in the July frenzy that focused on Americans at a Juba lodging prominent with foreigners, the government declare on Wednesday.

Eight of those have been blamed for assault while the other eight have been blamed for looting.

The declaration came only one day after the United Nations sacked the leader of the UN peacekeeping mission in the nation, saying that the UN peacekeepers adjacent did not react to calls for help during the assault.

South Sudan’s deputy justice minister, Martison Oturomoi, told reporters that soldiers “exploited the war to do their own criminal acts.” He cited soldiers raping women and killing the journalist, John Gatluak, based on his ethnicity.

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The minister also said one woman was raped by 15 men during the attack but that it was “difficult for any person other than the victim to identify the offender.”

South Sudan has been ravaged by civil war that broke out in December 2013.

A peace deal was signed last year between the rivals, but the situation remains dire as fighting still breaks out frequently.


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