12-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Raped And Her Body Mutilated In South Africa

A 12-year-old girl identified as Keitumetsi “Itu” Banda was brutally raped and murdered in New Eerterust, Hammanskraal, South Africa.

Keitumetsi’s mutilated body was found dumped near a dam by her brother. She had been raped, her throat slit and her intestines were spilling out.

Police spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubela, who confirmed the incident on Thursday, December 10, said a 29-year-old man was arrested in connection with the murder.

“During our preliminary investigation, police arrested the man who was last seen with the girl,” said Makhubela.


“On the Saturday morning, the body of the girl was found next to the dam at Stinkwater with injuries. The man was then charged with murder.” he added.


The man appeared in the Morelete magistrate’s court on Tuesday. The case was postponed to 18 December for a formal bail application.


12-year-old girl allegedly raped, her body mutilated in South Africa


According to Keitumetsi’s grandmother Johanna Banda, “she was raped, her throat slit and disembowelled”


Ms Banda said her granddaughter had been missing since two days before the gruesome discovery.


“Her oldest brother is the one that saw her body and he has not eaten since, he has only been drinking tea,” Johanna told Rekord News on Thursday.


“I just wish he could get counselling. Her mother can’t even eat, she has been falling when she stands up. This has had a bad impact on them.”


Keitumetsi’s mother, Agnes, said the last time she saw her daughter was on Friday when she visited her father’s house.


Her father’s house is four houses away from the Banda’s family home. Agnes said it was around 18:55 she started worrying when her children was not back home.


“I was told by some local children that Itu had gone with a man, known to the family because he wanted to ‘send her somewhere’,” she said.


“We looked for him until we decided to call the police. Police arrived between 20:00 and 21:00. Her father and her aunt, accompanied by the police, went to this man’s house but they searched and did not find anyone. After the police left, community members group themselves and went looking for the man and the child. When we finally found him, I asked him to give me back my child but he said he did not know who my child was,” she said.


“Police were called and the children identified him. That is when he was taken by the police. I am in pain because of what happened to my child.”


12-year-old girl allegedly raped, her body mutilated in South Africa


Keitumetsi’s aunt, Juliana, described her as an ambitious child who “aspired to be the best and change other people’s lives”.


“She loved school and always told me she wanted to be a pilot or a social worker. She always told me she wanted to help children that are less fortunate and she loved going to church,” Juliana said.


“I am hurt by what happened to her, the only justice for us is to impose a death sentence to the people responsible for her death. The person or people responsible for this will someday come back after serving their time but we will never get her back. In June, she survived a house fire. This was after the house caught fire during load shedding because of a candle.”
Hammanskraal has seen an influx of violent crime in the past few months.” she said.

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