12 Million Nigerian Motorists Possess Fake Insurance Papers

Lagos – The Director-General, Nigerian Insurers Association, Sunday Thomas,has revealed that over 12 million Nigerian motorists drive around with fake insurance papers.

He said only about  4.3 million of the vehicles plying Nigerian roads have valid insurance certificates.

Thomas also explained that out of these 4.3 million, it was possible that the insurance covers of some had expired and had not been renewed.

He added that the association was trying to separate the expired policies from the current ones so as to determine the actual number of vehicles with genuine insurance.

Thomas explained that the NIID was introduced to curb the proliferation of fake motor insurance papers, provide information on the details of vehicles available on Nigerian roads, as well as enhance the verification of certificates in owners’ possession.

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He said a motorist can check his motor insurance policy status by sending his vehicle details as an SMS to a dedicated NIID number or through the database’s website.

As of October 2014, he noted that only 2.7 million vehicles had been registered in the NIID, which was an improvement from a figure of about one million in the corresponding period of 2013.

Source: Punch


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