From 11 May South Africa Will Have New Speed Limits And Other Driving Rules

Each festive season we hear about numerous deaths from road accidents, sadly the end of last year was no different. The minister of transport Dipuo Peters, has been effectively working on new regulations and plans that can get the accident rate down. Not just over the festive period but rather for the whole of the year.

So what are these new regulations and how will they affect you as a driver? Let’s go through them step by step.

  • When renewing your license drivers will now have to undergo a practical re-evaluation.
  • K53 is going to be completely reviewed and revamped (finally)
  • A variety of speed limit changes: Speed limits to be reduced from 60km/h to 40km/h in urban areas, from 100km/h to 80km/h in rural areas, and from 120km/h to 100km/h on freeways running through a residential area
  • Large goods vehicles above 9000kg GVM to be banned from public roads during peak hour traveling times.
  • No school child may be transported for remuneration in the back of a bakkie or any other goods compartment of a vehicle.
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There has been a mixed response to the last point in particular. While a group of kids in the back of a bakkie is not the safest, for thousands of children in SA it is the only way they can get to school.

Do you think the new speed limits will help reduce accidents?  South African’s love to ask people how they got their license, maybe now we will have better drivers across the board .


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