Inspiring Story Of Actress Halle Berry: ‘From Homeless To Hollywood Star Actress’!!

Halle Berry is one of the most famous actresses of Hollywood. But before she knew this glory, before becoming a great actress and winning the Oscars, the Afro-American lived in suffering. In an interview with People magazine this week, Halle Barry explained that she first lived in a shelter for homeless people, that is to say homeless.

Olivier Martinez’s former partner revealed that she lived for a while in a homeless shelter in New York. She who had landed in the Big Apple with a mannequin stamp, quickly came to run out of money. “It was hard,” she confided, before continuing: ”  Three months later, I had no money left. I called my mother to ask her to send me money and she refused. And for a year I did not talk to her any more because I was very angry that she did not help me .

Faced with the harsh realities of life, she had to embark on the cinematography industry. His impressive talent allowed him to climb under the roof of the 7th art. In 2002, she won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in the film “In the Shadow of Hate”. It must be said that she is the first black woman to win this title.

Playing the role of James Bond girl in ”  Die Another Day “, she played opposite some of the most famous Hollywood actors like John Travolta, Bruce Willis, and Robert Downey Jr, with the huge salaries that implies … But long before the success, Halle Berry, crossed the river of turmoil.

Aged 50, she remembers perfectly this difficult episode of her life that preceded her beautiful career in the seventh art. Now she even admits, “That’s probably what she did best for me. She said, ‘If you want to get there, find a solution’. And I had to find a solution. Abandoning has never been an option. ” A good teaching.


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