Ghana: Checkout Photos Of Man Buried In A ‘Beer Bottle’ Coffin

Do you still hold on firmly to your traditions or have you been brainwashed by western culture?

Well, traditions vary from one community to another. What is done in a community in Kenya for instance during a burial, naming or wedding ceremony is very different from what’s done in another community in Ghana.

To some, a funeral is more of a celebration while to others it’s the saddest moment in life and those related to the departed soul are supposed to mourn and are not even allowed to move around until the unspecified time has elapsed.

Well, the internet is abuzz with photos of a Star beer-bottle shaped coffin that have gone viral. A Ghanaian man identified as Saddick Adams posted pictures from a funeral where the deceased was being carried away in a ‘weird’ coffin and this has left online users talking for days.

According to some, the man was buried in such a coffin to fulfill his wish or maybe the Star Beer was his favourite beer brand.

In some places in Ghana and West Africa at large, the coffins are often shaped to fit the occupation of the deceased.

Star Beer Bottle

Well, here are photos of the ‘beer-shaped’ coffin that everyone is talking about



Beer-shaped coffin

Check out reactions from social media users

Nana: This means rapper-holic

Roy: haha #CEO of beer at the ancestral world

Kwesi: In heaven, there is no beer that is why he’s taking the beer to heaven

Andy: Either he is a drunkard or he was dealing in beverages. …

Kofi: Hahaha…..Beer ambassador

Yeboah: No need for God to look for evidence on him.They have judged him

Christian: How will they bury a prostitute?

George: His destination has already been acknowledged


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