Meet Jose Oliveira, The Man Many People Think is the Best Obama Lookalike

No day passes by without people stopping to stare at Jose Oliveira, the Cape Verdean man whom many people think is the ultimate Obama lookalike.

On a normal day, Jose poses for 15 selfies from folks yearning for a bit of the ex-president whose absence left a huge hole in America. Often, he is asked if he is a relative of the president, and the 43-year-old who works as a tour guide recounts the same line; he has never met the president and no, they are not related.

Ever since Barack Obama was made president I have had people stopping me to tell me I look like him, so it has been happening for almost 10 years now,” he told The Sun, adding, “Some people even ask me if I am his brother.”

He continued, “I work as a tour guide so I am always meeting new people and their reaction is always the same. As soon as they see me they say: ‘Oh my God, you look just like Obama!’ I find it very funny and I don’t mind posing for photographs with people. I have at least 15 photographs and selfies taken every day.”

Though the tour guide claims he never dresses like Obama or play his lookalike, he still gets the usual comments. And all of this translates into good business.

Asked if he will ever work as an Obama lookalike, Jose Oliveira says he might.

Check out his photos:


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