Ghanaian Singer, Delay Flashes Her Huge Frontage In New Photos!!

Ghana’s Pretty Deloris Frimpong-Manso AKA (Delay), Deloris Frimpong Manso is her official name but her fans love to call her “Delay” perhaps deduced from her first name.

If you know her, that’s good and if you don’t, then you are a tourist because she is one of the brands that have been worked on whether from a positive route or not, it has been worked on the Ghanaian media.

She has been on radio for a long time but in Accra, she has been on Meridian FM, Top Radio through to her current base, Oman FM. Trust me, she didn’t get there on a silver platter because she toiled to get where she is.

In a photograph shared on her Instagram page, Delay mentioned:

“She couldn’t sleep and uncovered some boobs for her followers”

Was she feeling sexy that evening? Possibly.



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