A tribute to Joe Mafela in salt drawing

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South African Salt Artist Paid Tribute To Joe Mafela In Salt Drawing (Photo)

South African salt artist Percy Flex Maimela paid tribute to Joe Mafela, the recently deceased South African veteran actor in the most ingenious of fashions- using salt. Maimela’s portraits and artwork using salt are exquisite. No other better tribute could be given to Joe Mafela, a man worth his salt. Maimela’s artwork and remarkable talent is making waves, and we are also in awe at his talent.

A tribute to Joe Mafela in salt drawing

The death of Joe Mafela came as a shock to the continent and particularly to South Africa. Mafela, a veteran actor was a household name. In the spirit of honouring such a great icon, a South African artist, Flex Percy Maimela made a portrait of Joe Mafela, in a rather unusual and remarkable fashion.

A tribute to Joe Mafela in salt drawing

The artist and his art. Salt on floor, in tribute to Joe Mafela Photo: Facebook/Percy Maimela

The portrait wasn’t pastel on canvas, or coal on canvas, it was salt on floor. These beautiful portraits might as well portray Mafela as the salt of the earth whose savour we’ve lost with his passing.

A tribute to Joe Mafela in salt drawing

Mafela died in a car accident on the 18th of March, and the nation is still mourning the huge loss of a star, whose ineffable talent made him the darling of the country.

The veteran actor, who died at age 75, began acting at 22. In 1986, he was cast as S’dumo in the Zulu language comedy series ‘Sgudi ‘Snyasi that ran for 78 episodes on the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). His role in the popular show led to other roles in numerous series, and also encouraged Mafela to go into the advertising industry. Mafela’s career spun over 50 years.


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