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Kenyan Dish: How To Make Ugali

Ugali is a popular dish in Kenya. Ugali is served as an accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetable stews. To eat ugali, pull off a small ball of mush with your fingers, form an indentation with your thumb and use it to scoop up tasty stews and other dishes.


  • Six cups of water in the cooking pot
  • Four cups of finely ground white maize meal/cornmeal

Boil the water in a heavy cooking pot. Stir in the cornmeal slowly.

Reduce heat to medium-low and continue stirring regularly, smashing any lumps that may form with a cooking stick.

As ugali continues to cook, it gets very thick. You can continue adding flour until it is thicker than mashed potatoes.

Leave it cooking for about 15 minutes, but make sure you keep turning it so that it does not get burned.

Using the cooking stick, mash it into a dome shape. Tip out your ugali onto a serving bowl.




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