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Kenyan ‘Boss’ Kidnapped In Mozambique – Report

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A Kenyan boss of a maize milling company has reportedly been abducted in Matola, about 10Km southwest of the capital Maputo in Mozambique.

According to BBC LIVE, eyewitnesses said the incident occurred on Thursday morning, just a few metres away from his place work.

Police said the kidnappers had still not contacted anyone for a possible ransom.

Last year an unidentified man was kidnapped at night in the central Maputo neighbourhood of Sommerschield.

All reported at the time that the victim, described only as a white man, was driving a grey Range Rover with a South African number plate, when his path was blocked by a white Toyota Chaser. A third car, of unidentified make, then quickly drew up behind the Range Rover.

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Two men emerged from the third vehicle, fired two shots into the air, grabbed the victim, and dragged him into their car.

Kidnapping, particularly for ransom, has become common in Mozambique, according to reports.

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