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38-Year-Old Malawian Man Commits Suicide After ‘Disagreement’ With Wife Over Booze

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A 38-year-old man in Malawi has reportedly killed himself after he “disagreed with his wife, who advised him to change his drinking habits”, a report says.

According to Nyasa Times, Lazaro Chitsunda was found hanging from a tree.

Police spokesperson Inspector Kingsley Dandaula confirmed the death, adding that the deceased was a “heavy drinker”.

“The man was a heavy drinker and could sell household items including bags of maize, fertilisers and anything that he could offer for cash to buy Kachasu (traditonal beer),” Dandaula was quoted as saying.

Kachasu, also known as Lutuku, is a traditional beverage consumed mostly in rural areas and poor urban areas. It is normally brewed from maize although finger millet and various fruits like banana peels can also be added.

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According to Malawi24, a 58-year-old man in the southern Africa country died in October after excessive drinking of the locally home brewed beer without eating any food.

The man identified as Chrispin Njanje was found lying dead along a dusty road in his village of Mwalembe.

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