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Two Brothers Save Money And Marry Their Heartthrobs On The Same Day In South Africa (Photo)

Two happy brothers who have always been together have taken huge steps, as they saved and married their heartthrobs on the same day.


The lovely brothers and their brides
Two brothers have married their dream women in style after saving money for the great occasion, Daily Sun SA revealed.
The young men, Maseko brothers, Moses (32) and Richard (34) were always together and best friends took their marriage vows on Saturday.
The siblings had a double wedding at their home in block B, Mabopane, Tshwane. The brothers waited at the pulpit while their brides walked down the aisle side by side.
Moses said it was like a dream. “We were happy with everything.
“I couldn’t have thought of a better wedding because my brother and I do everything together.”
He said they even did the lobola negotiations together.
Since we started with joint lobola, we had to finish together.”
Moses said his brother has always been his inspiration.
“I met my Mary before my brother met Betty, but as soon as he met her he wanted to get married.
“I couldn’t be left behind so I immediately proposed marriage.”
He added they have been planning the wedding for a year.
“It wasn’t easy because both our brides wanted to shine on their special day.
“But we made it happen to keep them both happy.
“We saved enough money together to cater for all our guests.”
Richard said the wedding was perfect.
“Both our brides are happy and so are we.”
The brothers’ double wedding was packed to capacity.

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