Amazing! See This Three Family Members That Have Just Been Called To Nigerian Bar On The Same Day

An instagram user xavierobi shared the goodnews that Three familymembers have just been called to the Nigerian bar on the same day

He posted the above photo with the below caption

The Family just inducted 3 new lawyers in one day. 🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations Barristers Violet Ibeh, Sharon Obi & Zota Akwiwu…I’m mighty proud of you guys! To Sharon & Violet, I beam with pride knowing how much you guys had to sacrifice and how tough it was along the way- yet you both still prevailed. And Zota, you picked up a national honor to boot! God bless you guys beyond measure, may this be the start of illustrious careers which will bring God’s justice and mercy to our Land. Amen!


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