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Premature Birth Rate on The Rise in Uganda

The amount of untimely children in the nation has actually continued to grow. Of the 1.5 million born yearly, 210,000 are born prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy, according to Dr. Gelasius Mukasa, chairperson of the National Newborn Steering Committee.

Uganda is one of the countries coming to grips with a higher amount of premature infants, which strains the health finances and retards progression, experts have disclosed.

Of the 1.5 million youngsters born in Uganda every year, 210,000 are born too soon, before 37 weeks of maternity, according to Dr. Gelasius Mukasa, the chairman of the national newborn steering committee. Experts point out a typical child should invest 40 weeks in the womb.

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This suggests that 14 % of Ugandan infants are born before their due day, which results into fatality of some, while others mature with ill-health.

According to Dr. Jessica Nsumba, the assistant commissioner for child health in the Ministry of Health, Uganda is ranked 13th out of 184 countries with the highest number of babies born prematurely.


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